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Muscovy Ducks
& Guinea Fowl

Muscovy Ducks
& Guinea Fowl

Muscovy ducks, mainly raised in the western regions, is distinguished by a fleshy carcass and low fat meat. It is fed with a 100% vegetable diet and reared according to strict rules and strict hygiene, in compliance with environmental standards. The fine and crisp skin, as well as a tender flesh with a unique flavour make it one of the symbols of French gastronomy.
Guinea fowl, of wild origin, arrived from Africa to the South of France. Its nutritional qualities are exceptional: thin and light meat, rich in vitamins. Low in calories, this poultry provides magnesium and protein. It can be enjoyed braised, roasted in the oven, or sautéed in a casserole dish.

> Duck legs (fresh or frozen)
> Duck fillets (fresh or frozen)
> Guinea fowl legs (fresh or frozen)
> Guinea fowl fillets (fresh or frozen)
> Guinea fowl supreme (fresh or frozen)

Mulard ducks
& Foie Gras

Mulard Ducks
& Foie Gras

The Mulard duck, famous for its particularly tasty meat, is reared, butchered and processed in the southwest (areas defined in the PGI specifications). The nobility of this poultry gives us delicious specialties such as fresh foie gras and duck breast (for raw dishes), but also whole foie gras, part cooked and preserved, and smoked or confit meats (for elaborate dishes).

> Duck legs
> Duck Breast
> Raw Foie Gras
> Whole part cooked Foie Gras
> Foie Gras preserve

Mulard Ducks
& Foie Gras

Red Label
Turkey & Chicken

Red Label
& Turkey & Chicken

Turkey is presented as a healthy and dietetic meat: this poultry benefits from meat that is particularly low fat and very nutritive thanks to its exceptional content of proteins and vitamins.

Red Label chicken guarantees to the consumer, poultry of higher quality than common products of the same kind. At each stage of production and preparation, the chicken must meet the requirements defined in very strict specifications, such as respect for the environment and animal welfare.

> Turkey legs
> Turkey Fillets
> Whole Chicken
> Chicken legs
> Chicken fillets
> Chicken supreme

Red Label

Red Label Quail

Strict selection at all levels of the industry. Standards defined by the Red Label requirements specification, respect for the environment and a charter of good breeding practice to guarantee quality and exceptional flavour.

> Whole quail
> Quail fillets
> Quail legs
> Quail eggs

Red Label

& Spirits

Wines & Spirits

Closely linked to gastronomy, it is quite naturally that we offer you a collection of wines selected across a large mosaic of {i>terroirs

Between Toulouse and the Basque Country, bordered to the South by the Pyrenees and to the North by the Massif Central, the vineyards of South-West France cover about 45,000 hectares spread over 12 departments.
In this wine-growing garden where the notion of heritage takes on its full meaning, there are some 18 appellations of origin, about twenty {i>vins de pays

> Red wines
> Rosé wines
> White wines